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Title:Darkwear clothing
Category:Arts: Animation: Shopping
Description:Darkwear clothing is an exclusive subgenre of techwear that underlines aesthetics in very dark tints and is based on such genres as cyberpunk and dystopian themes. Therein, one may denote: Aesthetic and Color Palette Darkwear focuses predominantly on a monochromatic color palette with heavy blacks and dark grays being predominant. This kind of color spectrum really does highlight the glossy, futuristic image that characterizes this style to a tee. This is further enhanced by the inclusion of asymmetrical designs, layering with textures, and mixing everything up in such a manner that it shows depth and complexity in the look. Materials and Functionality Darkwear materials are chosen to meet the concern for good looks and better performance. High-tech synthetics include Gore-Tex for water repellency. Others include neoprene for its characteristic texture and durable, breathable meshes. This guarantees that they are aesthetic and, at the same time, prudential, offering protection to the weather and extra comfort for the user.