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If You Are Still Around, You Are Winning

Date Added: September 25, 2023 08:44:43 AM
Author: QuasiQuotes
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Have you ever wondered why you are still here when it feels like what you have gone through should have taken you out?


If so, you should understand that you are here due to your purpose still not being met.


This also means that you are winning. By winning, you are alive and ready for the future that is ahead of you.


You might be depressed and wonder what you can possibly do to provide to this world. 


God has given you that chance so you better start figuring it out.


It may be tough at first but just keep hanging on and you will find the meaning to your direction you should start heading towards.


Dreams are everything these days but they have to get turned into goals and priorities for them to work.


Don’t leave out your passion with what you want to accomplish because it is always possible, you just have to make sacrifices to get them done.


They are as complicated as you think and can easily be around the corner for yourself if you just go all in with it.


Maintain and balance but don’t neglect your dreams because we only live one time.


Be sure to go after them and keep consistent with it because you will get there.


You will make it and be proud of yourself for doing it.


You have to understand that there are many others that can no longer have the opportunities that you have to become all they can in life.


Many others have been placed closer to God.


God has you here still because he wants more out of you. You haven’t lived up to his standards yet.


He just wants you to be happy but in order to get to that point you have to start believing that you have it in you.


Do not let other things in life cloud your vision of what thoughts you have inside when you are by yourself thinking.


If you don’t have time to think, make time.


You will be surprised what your inner self will tell you what you can do. It will be a positive thought and that is what you should utilize.


You have done a lot throughout your lifetime but if you are still here, there is progress that you are still not meeting even though you think that you have done it all already.


Bottom line, find out what is next for you without others telling you what that is, let yourself decide that.

By QuasiQuotes