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Will - I am The Alpha and The Omega. I Am God In Action Part 1

Date Added: June 22, 2016 01:16:59 AM
Author: Mari Nunes
Category: Arts: Animation: Writers
The Law Of The Triangle and its application All that existed , exists and existed , and governed by ternary because the ternary unites the elements that mother nature has opposed to it , complementing each other , they combine their virtues and give rise to what does not exist. In the beginning of time , so there was a unit in the ineffable but , since then , in His Thought , God had designed the multiplicity . Through His Word He projected at infinity the Primordial Substance , and one found the two, the mirror that he sought . After the Primordial Substance received the Breath of the Divine Essence , and, behold, and from the Fiat Lux the three came , and with it all forms of life. And the man and own one of the multiple reflections of the ternary because your Soul and anything else that a segment of the Divine Essence and your body a fragment of Primordial Substance . And because he and soul and body , One and Two , and a being alive and conscious , in a matter, manifesting the third point of a Spiritual Triangle . And as this also at the point where to unite the microcosm and the macrocosm , is in the centre of a circle , the Universal Circle, which limits the two triangles , the first returned to Heaven and all is a perfect material manifestation , where the phenomenon of electricity is a good example of this particular law of The Triangle and the second toward the earth, it represents the entire scheme perfect spiritual manifestation . Therefore, this vertex and face down . We apply this symbolism to the thought 1process as we watched it clear the interference that occurs in the brain between the energy vibrations Spirit and the Soul ; the first has a negative predominance and the second has the positive predominance . The figure is a representation of Universal Creation or the union of all material and spiritual manifestations . "Whatever you decide to do , makes it immediately . Don't leave for later what that you can accomplish in the morning ." To all of You I trust. The Law of the Triangle is universal and applies to everything that exists , both in material terms and in the spirit . It is based on the fact that no perfect and complete manifestation can be produced not two opposite conditions of nature are met . When One and Two are present , they attract each other and their union follows the three , i.e. , a third condition that , in itself , the point of the manifestation of the triangle thus formed . The popular idea that "everything is manifested in three " illustrates the Law of the Triangle , because when two opposite conditions they face , their union produces necessarily, if no internal or external agent objects. Before you surrender to any venture, you must always outline it in the form of a triangle and pin down with any precision the two conditions that we bring together , to give the expected result. In The Tradition, a triangle whose tip is facing up is a perfect material manifestation. A triangle with a vertex facing down symbolizes a perfect spiritual manifestation. When these two triangles are interlaced, evoke the union of the spiritual and material worlds with all the manifestations that are peculiar to him.