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Boden pvc foam board

Date Added: March 10, 2016 04:42:47 AM
Author: Stoney Kim
Category: Business and Trade
Boden pvc foam board - epvcmaker.com is the largest pvc foam board factory in China. Our company was set up in 2002, the plant of Boden covers an area of 62,000 sqm, more than 200 employees. we produce all size pvc foam board from 1-33mm, we have pvc foam board, pvc free foam board, pvc film decorative board.
Pvc foam board is the latest decorative board, it is better than any other wood board, because pvc foam board is green, waterproof, fireproof, it is very widely used in furniture as cabinets, table, wardrobe, lighting case, desk, decorative, kitchen cabinets and car room.
Pvc foam board have soft and hard, soft is easy cutting to any sharp, easy printing. Hard pvc foam board is easier cutting than wood board, and also easier to be any other sharp too. Pvc foam board kitchen cabinets and wardrobe is fashion, meantine, it is no lead, very green decorative board.
Epvcmaker has six the latest production lines imported from Europe, our production can get 10 thousands sheets every day. Our boards world wide export as American, Germany, England, Greece, France, Czech, South Korea, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, Angola, and South Africa and others.
There are many kinds of pvc foam board in China, our price is not the cheapest, but our quality is the best, we only produce high end quality pvc foam board. If you are interesting in our boards, we welcome your inquiry, [email protected] www.epvcmaker.com